AlfaCity100: 29. May 2010.

Don’t forget the most important date of the forthcoming year: AlfaCity100, 29. May 2010. Komárom-H, Fort Monostor
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The most important Alfa Romeo event of the year: The centenary event of Alfa Romeo at AlfaCity!

Did you know, that your favourite brand was born on 24 June 1910? However, Alfa doesn’t looks like a hundred years old, we proudly announce, that AlfaCity100 is a celebration of Alfa Romeo's Hungarian centenary.

Thanks to FIAT Auto Magyarország, the official Hungarian importer of Alfa Romeo the event will offer more, more exciting, more spectacular programmes! There are many, so we don’t want to tell all of them, but keep in touch, a little AlfaCity is waiting for you every time, everywhere!

This year, we tried to find a date, which is close to the real centenary. At the end of May Easter will pass away, and the beautiful weather is guaranteed, so everything will be in one place for a sensational meeting.

Our goal is to celebrate the centenary with more than 1000 cars at AlfaCity, and we’d like to tell everybody all over the world, that the Hungarian Alfistis are very convergent Alfa lovers.

We won’t rise the ticket price, you can book the tickets in advance (6€, 1500 HUF/car) via AlfaCity.hu/en, or you can buy them on the spot (8€, 2000 HUF/ car) and you have to pay it on the spot in HUF or in EUR. As a gift, you’ll have a decal, which commemorates the centenary, a voting decal, a program book and the presents of our sponsors. Just like last year, you can play lasertag, vote/participate on the beauty contest, lay on the plage, or check one of the exhibitions, previews.

The booking of the tickets have just started!

Signal your presence with the “Registration” button and check the new AlfaCity website, where you can find more additional information about AlfaCity.

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