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K Zsozso27-01-2017 18:58:37 // 10
Szép estet mindenkinek, tudnátok ötletekkel bombázni , ma hazafele kigyulladt a motor lámpa , mi okozhatja , semmi váltó fogást nem érzek. Segítségeteket előre is koszonom!!
WolverineX26-05-2010 12:47:18 // 9
Hello. guys... i hawe problem im lossing water od AR75 2.0TD. but cooler adp pipes are intact... Head looks also good...
can somebody help?

canaro28-02-2010 23:55:11 // 8
about Alfa City Centenary, I would like very much to be there; I must organize my meetings, because in that period there are meetings in Italy and in Switzerland I cant lose.
Anyway I'll try to be there!!!
canaro28-02-2010 23:46:54 // 7
There are little minifactures that produce reproductions of spare parts, sometimes like the original ones. It depends about what you need.
If you tell me what you need, i can try find the name and address of the manufacturer.
BeeGee04-02-2010 13:37:39 // 6
Maybe You know this site:
It writes, that they import the spares from Italy, little manifactures. It is possible to find these manifactures?

Another theme:
do you come to AlfaCity? :)
canaro02-02-2010 20:59:05 // 5
Sorry if I did not answer before.
About your question, if you can restore a car (engine and body) it is better you buy a rusty one and rebild it. At the end you spend the same amount of Euros, but you know the car you own.You could buy a car in Italy, but it is better for you to buy the spareparts in Germany because they are cheaper than in Italy.
About "car flea markets" there are a few specialized markets in Milan, Turin, Bologna and Rome where you can buy spareparts (new or used)for Oldtimers, but in last years these markets became very expensive. You go to visit these markets only if you are looking for something it is quite impossible to find, and you hope to find it there, in the market.
BeeGee06-01-2010 20:20:40 // 4
Unfortunately, here (Hungary) the oldtimer owners not to busy at online. Neither me not OT owner. Until this year :)
What is Your opinion about the question: Better to buying a rusty Duetto in Italy or i find better offer in Deutschland or somewhere else? In Hungary very poor the market.
Specifically I would to buy rusty one and rebuild.

I heard italian "car flea market". Do you know these are?
canaro04-01-2010 10:20:56 // 3
I've seen that in all this past time no one wrote in this topic.
No one has oldtimers (also different from Alfa)???
pedrito21-09-2007 09:22:43 // 2
Sprint forevör... :-)))
BeeGee17-09-2007 16:42:14 // 1
Your car is older than 20 years? This is your place to find others like you!
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