Terms of registration

Alfa Amore is the community website of Alfa Romeo owners. You can become a member if you have or had an Alfa Romeo and you can verify it with some photos. If you haven't got and never had an Alfa Romeo before, then you'll never become a member. You can not be a member either if you only plan to buy an Alfa. But if you have already bought it, register at Alfa Amore!
Registration process
After you fill in the datasheet we send you a registration code via e-mail. You have to activate your account with the key within 2 days. Warning! After you activate your account your status will be "registered member". With this status you can only browse Alfa Amore but the members' pages will be invisible to you, and you're not allowed to post messages to the forum. But you can make your personal page which will become visible for all members when the administrators give you the status "active member".

To become an "active member" you have to:
- write a short introduction (4-5 rows);
- upload a main picture in the "My pictures" menu (this picture has to be about you and your car);
- fill in your car's datasheet in the "My cars/edit data" menu (year of production, colour, model, engine type, details and extra equipment are mandatory);
- upload at least three pictures of your car; one as a main picture of it and two as illustration under the car data.

If you're ready with this, check the checkbox and our administrator will inform you about your status within a few days via e-mail.

You can decide whether you publicize all your data or hide them from the members. Or you can show it just for your faves.

For an undetermined period, we allow to our new dotcom members to registrate with less information on their datasheet as it's madatory.

But, these members have to fill out their datasheet perfectly within a month. Otherwise they'll be excluded.

Administrators reserve the right to delete accounts containing false data, or if it turns out that the member registered with another one's car and data, or if the member offends the general rules of the community. For more information read the FAQ and Forum FAQ!


For registered members:
- browsing the sites (members data is hidden)
- newsletters (in which we notify our members about top stories and events)
- making an own page about him-/herself and his/her car(s).
For active members (besides the above mentioned):
- you become a member, so your page will be visible for others, too
- you can see all the personal data which was written by the others (except for those which are hidden)
- you can post messages to the Forum and to the "words"
- you will receive an e-mail alert if somebody adds a word to your words
- you can write a blog about your car(s)
- you can calendar your spending
- you will get a yourname@alfaamore.com e-mail address
- you can suggest a new topic
I read the terms and I accept them.