Giulia QV: equipment, technical specs

23-09-2015  Alfa Amore
Equipment list, options, technical specs. Alfa Amore now tells you everything you wanted to know about the Giulia QV.
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In the front the big scudetto defines mainly everything, and we have an active aero splitter, which opens automatically over 100 km/h. The drag coefficient is 0,32, which is the best in its class, the cargo volume is 480 litres.

In the interior Alfa Romeo put’s the driver into the center: all the instruments are turned towards the driver. The brake and clutch pedals design is like the one we see on the scudetto. On the center console we can choose from a 6,5” or 8,8” TFT touchscreen, the seats are covered with leather or alcantara and are made optionally from carbon-fibre. The DNA switcher has a Race option, which strengthens the suspension and with the help of the sensors in the intake manifold, it boosts the sound of the engine in the interior. Switching to economy mode, the DNA switches down one cylinder bank to save fuel.


The brain of the Giulia QV is the Chassis Domain Control, which handles the car’s vertical, horizontal and lateral motions and communicates with all the safety systems. Latter consists 6 airbags, forward collision warning, blind spot monitor, integrated brake system, lane departure warning system, parking sensors and cameras.


The suspension is fully aluminium, in the front we have a double wishbone system with a semi-virtual steering axis, in the rear Alfa used multilink and a sperrdifferential coupled with the torque vectoring system.

You can find all the technical specifications on this link.

The equipment list (basic and optional) according to our sources are the following:



19” alloy wheels
alloy brake calipers
AFS Bi-Xenon front lights
fully plane floor panel
front light washer
LED daytime running lights, lamps
electronic mirrors
Quadrifoglio logo
cruise control
digital climate system (2-zone)
rain and humidity sensors
electric handbrake
Alfa Active Sound
rear and front parking sensors
starter button on the steering wheel
keyless go
non-reflecting interior mirror
parking camera
7” TFT touchscreen
carbon and alu inset for the instrument panel
instrument panel and door panels covered with leather
leather wrapped steering wheel
manual 6-way leather-alcantara seats
active aero splitter
DNA switcher
6,5” AlfaConnect mediaplayer
Sound system with 11 speakers
USB connector in the front and in the back
start&stop system
Chassis Domain Control
Troque Vectoring System
forward collision warning
blind spot monitor
integrated brake system
lane departure warning system
puncture repair kit


We can choose the Harman Kardon audio kit, which comes with 14 speakers. The comfort package includes door handle lights, keyless door opening system and dimmed windows. The electronic seat package has 3 elements: 8-way electronic and heatable seats and steering wheel heating.


Option list:

19” ultralight alloy wheels
metallic paint
multi-layered paint
red/yellow calipers
dimmed windows
smoking package
Digital Audio Broadcast system
enhanced anti-theft system
active cruise control
carbon-ceramic brake discs
8,8” TFT touchscreen
Sparco seats


Beside these Alfa Romeo guarantees a 24 hour dispatcher service, and ensures courtesy car, and a Pick-up & Go service.

written by
Alfa Amore