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Halesz10-06-2014 00:42:44 // 63
Good news :)
looking forward to seeing you
Papamek09-06-2014 21:14:00 // 62
Yeah! :)
I will come. I'd like to join other Gtv at the parking.
boris.ri09-06-2014 08:39:49 // 61
Several Alfa Romeo's comes from Slovenia and Croatian, for now I am not sure how many, but we will surely come. See you there
Halesz06-06-2014 16:23:32 // 60
Yes we have.

Are you planning to visit us? :)
Papamek05-06-2014 23:16:57 // 59
Do You plan separate sectors for different Alfa Romeo models on AlfaCity 2014?
Halesz09-05-2014 12:21:38 // 58
AlfaCity at Lake Balaton! Come and visit us!

Wágnerúr27-05-2011 19:08:23 // 57
Seems to be totally dead...
bocian PL26-04-2011 12:03:16 // 56
whether the subject is alive?
hello from Poland
BeeGee09-01-2010 13:13:42 // 55
Sorry, You can't, exept You have an oldtimer Lancia.
limak08-01-2010 14:36:30 // 54
Can I enter to the Monostori in Lancia?;-) I haven't temporarily an Alfa, but I hope that it will changed by AlfaCity100...
RoadRunner20-12-2009 19:11:49 // 52
How far is Komarom from Budapest?
Alfa Amore08-05-2009 18:22:22 // 51
ystuc05-05-2009 19:28:15 // 50
Hmmm... Nobody, nowhere...
chriho21-04-2009 21:47:09 // 49
It was a successful event!
fernando19-02-2009 19:06:21 // 48
I´m interested in crashing tent too (me and my friends have it some 600 km home) so we´d prefer sleeping in tent by our cars :)
Alfa Amore10-02-2009 20:56:02 // 47 has been launched!
Tedi28-01-2009 20:36:50 // 46
A long way home, after a tent? Or make it two? Or three? :)
Unfortunatelly I don't have much information about these places in Komárom, but we're about to collect these infos.
bobryt26-01-2009 18:14:07 // 45
hey, is there a place to crash with a tent for the night? i'll have long way home and i don't like hotels ;)
Alfa Amore26-01-2009 01:47:40 // 44
It's the highest time to register for this year's AlfaCity! For this just click here
ystuc17-04-2008 18:02:24 // 43
My photos are HERE!
BeeGee15-04-2008 15:10:11 // 42
Keep us informed about your club and event! :) I cheer You!

Welcome here and the future AlfaCity :)
benhinault15-04-2008 12:33:32 // 41
Congratulations to organize such meeting, we would like to do the same with my clubs in France.

I will try to be there next year ;)
Tedi15-04-2008 12:00:51 // 40
Of course I'd like to! :) Visit the Alfa Amore user's page, you'll find the access to our ftp server there.
bh00ooo15-04-2008 08:48:27 // 39
While you're at it, maybe you'd like to have our photos too :))
Xti14-04-2008 22:28:31 // 38
Hello from Romania !
First of all I have to congratulate you for organising such a great Alfa Romeo event with such nice people and beautiful cars. Keep up the good work. Thanks for inviting us too. I realy was impressed by the number of Alfas showned at the imposing Esztergomi Bazilika and I surely would like me to repeat the experience in the future. I hope you'll manage too at our national Alfa Romeo gathering - Alfafest 2008 - in Brasov this year (1-4 May) as you all are welcomed. Let's hope we'll meet again, see you there.
Tedi14-04-2008 21:53:18 // 37
Thanks a lot, and you're welcome at the next year's AlfaCity too ;)
Tedi14-04-2008 21:52:27 // 36
Even if you couldn't talk with most of the peole ;)))'s a pleasure for us to know, that you felt yourself good at AlfaCity! :)
You told me in saturday, that you took some shot's at the tunnel and at the event. I'll send you the pass to our ftp, so you can upload and share them! :)
bh00ooo14-04-2008 16:08:51 // 35
Congratulations Alfa Amore for a great event. Alfacity 08 was everything we expected it to be and more! What a great turnout, beautiful cars and smiling people! We'll be there next yearm this time we'll get tickets early :)
156-GT12-04-2008 22:22:41 // 34
It was great ;o)
pawel15610-04-2008 12:11:13 // 33
it's so close to Alfa City! I can't wait :)
do you know if there is some car wash in Esztregom? :)
Grando07-03-2008 09:14:22 // 32
At least it doesn't merge into the crowd, like some grey ones... :DD ;))
Charlie 16607-03-2008 08:49:46 // 31
Yo' folks :):) Don't ever listen to this chump :):)
Just imagine, his car colour is exactly like nail polish :):):)
Halesz06-03-2008 16:08:26 // 30
Here is a video about the last year! (Unfortunately it's not subtitled in english, but you will understand the feeling :)
Tommi06-03-2008 14:35:28 // 29
Welcome for the newcomers :)

If you want to stay in Esztergom for the whole weekend, you find here the accomodation possibilities.

If you have any question about the hotels and other accomodations, plesae send me an e-mail and I'll help you :)
count M05-03-2008 21:07:37 // 28
Hi guys! If there is any question about AlfaCity, or we can help anything, don't hesitate, ask it here! :)
Korczu05-03-2008 20:30:12 // 27
thanks :) Alfa City - great idea
Grando05-03-2008 19:59:20 // 26
Hi there!
It's great to see, that so many Alfisti from Poland are coming to Esztergom. You'll enjoy it!
If you have any questions, feel free to ask here! ;)))
Korczu05-03-2008 19:49:22 // 25
welcome all friends,and see you later
tipoatti04-03-2008 22:00:56 // 24
Relax... :))) Sorry, I forget: Welcome here You & your friends from Polish! :)
ystuc03-03-2008 17:33:20 // 23
Hi! Alfa City waiting for you! :-)
pawel15603-03-2008 11:00:08 // 22
Welcome everyone! :)
Polish team will be there also :) I can't wait to see the biggest Alfa Romeo meeting :)
Halesz18-02-2008 15:54:17 // 21
Now You can find everything about AlfaCity '08 at the main page!!!
Tommi12-02-2008 00:16:20 // 20
Prego :)))
156-GT11-02-2008 12:36:01 // 19
Hotel booked - direct at the meeting in the Conferenc Centre *g*

Thx Tommi
Tommi11-02-2008 01:26:10 // 18
Sorry, so the Latitude:

Tommi11-02-2008 01:22:58 // 17
And here are the GPS coordinates :)

Latitude: 47˙48'348"N

Longitude: 18˙44'22.24"E
C.A.R.S.=Ton01-02-2008 21:33:19 // 16
13 hours?
In a 166 not far enough :-). It start to warm up just a bit after 13 hrd.

But I think I have to let you have all the fun guys.
To busy with a lot of other things.
Still, there are years to come with meetings so lets hope for that!
Kilo166 (Droid#1)01-02-2008 19:34:56 // 15
Don't forget, they're coming with 3.0V6! Decrease the traveltime to 10 hours!
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