Who, why, how Alfa Amore started? How can you become a member and why do you have to upload pictures? Everything what you want to know about Alfa Amore.
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Who designed Alfa Amore?

The members of Index.hu’s Alfa topic after they found out that they need a site where they can upload pictures about their cars. At the beginning curesportivo.hu (see on the picture) was a static website which was refreshed very rarely, and then in 2004 we designed Alfa Amore. We started it in April 2004 right after our biggest event (Alfa Romeo meeting in Esztergom).

Who established Alfa Amore?

Greg and Halesz worked out how it should look like and what kind of services it should offer. WebM and Dose were those who undertook the preparation of the site engine (WebM) and the design (Dose).

The latest version of Alfa Amore was worked out by BeeGee, count M, Halesz and Teddy, the design was made by BeeGee and the site engine was established by WebM.

I would like to advertise on Alfa Amore. What should I do?

Read our media offer.

Where do you host the site?

Dream Interactive do the server hosting. Nowadays Alfa Amore contains more than 50 gigabytes of data. So you have to bear in mind this fact before you start to fantasize about uploading videos or whatever to the server. :)

Who are the webmasters?

Halesz and Teddy. They are who upload picture galleries, maintain the topics or delete the unfitting posts, watch the registered members’ datasheet and e-mail with them, so it needs a lot of daily work. WebM is responsible for all the technical issues.

Who can be a member, what kind of requirements does he/she have to meet?

You can be a member if you have or had an Alfa Romeo and you can verify it with some photos. If you haven’t got and never had an Alfa Romeo before, then you’ll never become a member. You cannot be a member either if you only plan to buy an Alfa. But if you have already bought it, register at AlfaAmore! :)

Here are the requirements:
  • You have to give an existing e-mail address, a nickname, a country and a city. Birth date and other accessibilities (cell phone, MSN, Skype, ICQ) are optional. But if you give these data, too you can decide who these may see (nobody, just members, or just your faves).
  • You have to upload a main picture which has to be about you and your car.
  • You have to fill in your car’s or cars’ datasheet.  There’s no limitation about length but you have to fill in these: “Year of production”, “Colour”, “Details” and “Extra equipment”.  Filling in the plate number and the “Other” box is not necessary.
  • You have to upload at least 3 pictures about your car; one as a main picture and two as illustration under the car data. There’s no restriction for these pictures’ content but they have to be about your car.
  • Other pictures must be uploaded in the picture gallery.

Alfa Amore reserves the right of changing these requirements. In this case they’ll inform all members via e-mail.

I can’t find my personal page at the “Members list”. What did I do wrong?

Our administrators haven’t accepted your datasheet, yet. Please, check your page whether you filled in everything.

If you are ready with these then check the checkbox please. If something is missing, we will inform you via e-mail.

How can I post messages to the forum and to others’ words?

If you can’t post, probably you aren’t a registered member so please, read the two previous points.

How can I start a new topic?

First of all make sure that there’s no topic with the same content. Our administrators delete each topic which is duplicated or became passive.

Opening new topics is allowed just with the permission of the administrators.

Read the Forum FAQ.

What is “Amore card” everybody is talking about?

We advertise the site with these calendars. Just put it under the windscreen wiper of an Alfa which is not a member here. If you want some, write to Halesz.

If I have an idea about site development, can I tell it?

Sure! We welcome all ideas and if there’s a demand to it, we will do it. You can suggest your ideas in the “Site development” topic.

And we also welcome all your ideas via e-mail.