Hands off Alfa, Marchionne warns

08-02-2011  Teddy
"As long as I am CEO of Chrysler and Fiat, Mr. Piech will never have Alfa Romeo," CEO Sergio Marchinne warned the leader of Volkswagen.
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The executive of Fiat and Chrysler wanted to stop the recrudescing rumours on this topic. According to Automotive News Marchionne took part in a JD Power automotive conference where he made a speech. Marchionne added that he would call VW chief Ferdinand Piech and send him an e-amail in connection with the selling of Alfa Romeo.

Marchionne suggested Volkswagen to focus on fixing Seat. "I'm not the one who bought Seat. He's the one who bought it. I don't know if he can [fix it], but he needs to try," Marchionne fulminated. Chairman of Fiat John Elkann declared last week that they would not sell Alfa Romeo even if "tons of money" were offered.

As for the background, in March 2010 Ferdinand Piech indicated his interest in buying Alfa Romeo from Fiat group.

Translated by Ferenc Pozsonyi

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