Seven new Alfa-models would be produced by VW

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According to the Italian car-magazine Quattroruote, VW plans to produce seven Alfa-models in case of getting the Milanès brand from Fiat.
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The Italian automobile magazine gives the information that the German firm would like to produce the following cars: A- and B-segment Alfa Romeoes using elements of A1 and A3; a sedan, a Sportwagon and a coupé from the middle segment; and a ‘super Alfa’ based on R8 with mid-engine layout.

It is said that Volkswagen has accelerated its steps in connection with the acquisition of Alfa Romeo, and design plans have been completed to use them negotiating with Fiat. News claim that boss of the styling department of VW, Walter da Silva has already persuaded the leadership to invest 1 billion Euros to reposition Alfa Romeo.

Now is not the first time that rumours have been about the possible acquisition intentions of VW-concern. Then, president of the firm Martin Winterkorn said that Alfa could have helped them to reach a 10 million items per year selling rate by 2018.

First rumours have turned out at the beginning of last December, but soon either then-president of Fiat-concern Luca Cordero di Montezemolo or president of Fiat Group Automobiles (FGA) Sergio Marchionne declared that Alfa Romeo was not for sale, and problems of the brand would be treated within doors.

After that, Marchionne dismissed the Sergio Cravero, who have been taking the chair only for a year, and he commissioned presidents of Abarth and Maserati, Harald J. Wester, to fuse Alfa Romeo with Maserati and Abarth. Introducing its five-year plan 21 April, 2010, FGA announced that Alfa Romeo was going to be saved and new models were going to be inaugurated.

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BadBoy2008-04-11 15:44:43 // 16
It will be a car from metal or from paper?!?!?! I'm not interested in a car which is made from paper, it's not giving for me the impression what I feel when I see a real car.
156-GT2008-04-03 13:44:02 // 15
It will be really there ????? My digicam is loaded and ready for live-pictures ;o)
Grando2008-03-29 11:07:56 // 14
At the 12th of April in Esztergom you can see it! One reason more to come! ;)))