Fiat states won't sell Alfa Romeo to VW

24-08-2010  Teddy
An anonym manager of Fiat responded in Automotive News, that Fiat does not want to sell Alfa Romeo to VW at all.
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A high-placed executive of Fiat told above-mentioned information because new rumours had emberged in connection with the possible acquisition of Alfa Romeo on Monday. It is said that a new offer had been made by the Wolfsburg-based concern, however it was clarified by Torino that the original plan announced by Marchionne was going to be proceeded without any trading with the brand.

That plan was announced in April and consisted of six new models with half-million car-selling a year by the year of 2014 instead of current 102.000 units. Analysts are skeptic considering these data. According to Arndt Ellingshorts, researcher at Credit Suisse, the presumed increase could be managed in case of selling Alfa Romeo to VW only. According to Massimo Vecchio, researcher at Mediobanca in Milan, the stated goal is dubious because of the hardly impossible realization of consumer-stealing from the German brand.

Translated by Ferenc Pozsonyi

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BadBoy2008-04-11 15:44:43 // 16
It will be a car from metal or from paper?!?!?! I'm not interested in a car which is made from paper, it's not giving for me the impression what I feel when I see a real car.
156-GT2008-04-03 13:44:02 // 15
It will be really there ????? My digicam is loaded and ready for live-pictures ;o)
Grando2008-03-29 11:07:56 // 14
At the 12th of April in Esztergom you can see it! One reason more to come! ;)))