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>> OtherBeeGee, GT Q2 1.9 JTD // 25-09-2007

Now I drive about 7000 kms. We get know each other.
Q2 has harder suspension, bigger alloy wheels, and more direct steering wheel. Therefore the car is significantly sporty than normal GTs.

Perfect place to feel the better traction: strait woody road with rain and some tiny gravel. So funny, easy to get at retching for the passanger :)

>> ServiceBeeGee, GT Q2 1.9 JTD // 25-09-2007

Side trafficator light was waggling - replaced.
Petrol dashboard replaced diesel one.

>> OtherBeeGee, GT Q2 1.9 JTD // 25-09-2007

I was looking for a ready to ship car to avoid the long producing time. It was found at the polish store. Lets rock, only a week to get it. I stand it with rent-a-car.. However I had to wait a month.

Fast check; paintwork is good - no repaint, equipments is full. But one thing.. It had a petrol dashboard in place of diesel.