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>> OtherBeeGee, GT Q2 1.9 JTD // 30-10-2008

We went to visit the nation’s only one Formula 1 racetrack with Piri (my GT's nickname) and the carmates. We considered the air temperature, the humidity and the quality of the track to be just fine for us, so we got enrolled into category II. That means above 150 BHP, which is the exact amount Piri has, so she would have also fitted in category I, but the stickers on the loud end easily give him 2 extra scientific BHP.

Although no Porsches, Evos or Subarus got terrified by us, I had a very positive disappointment in the car. We expected our time to be around 3.00.00, but finally we did it under 2.38.0x. A further surprise was that the previous gen BMW M3s could only lose us in the straights, we could catch up with them in the curves. Of course this can also be the difference between the drivers, but my last name is not Schumacher either.

The 3 heats meant 80 kms overall, and the tyres and brakes have a clear sight on that, otherwise the car behaved and bear it nicely. It deserves a new wunderbaum and oil change.

Thanks for the photos to Halesz and Mrs. Ravlik!