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Welcome to my Blog.
Hope to get a great time here at Alfa Amore.
About my Alfa Romeo 166 I can tell you all that it's a realy great car. The best if not!
At least the best I ever had.
I drive it on a regular basis from home to work, about 30 kilometers both ways.
Not enough on one site but seeïng the fuell prizes it is more than enough. But it is worth every penny or better, Euro.
Not only for the costs of the fuell but also for the prize that had to be payed.

On the picture, my other Alfa.....they don't go at the same time however! :-)

And the 145 1.4 and 1.8 are from the wife and my son. Then the 166 must be mine?!!! To much of the third Alfa it seem :-)