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19-09-2007  Alfa Amore
Driving an Alfa Romeo…moreover! Own one. This is a must have for every car fanatic. We think that you know what it’s all about. Surely if you hear the words Cuore Sportivo, Quadrifoglio Verde, Transaxle, Bertonezagatopininrafina causes you pleasing pees and needles. Yes, you arrived to the largest online Alfa owner community.
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What is Alfa Amore?

The 2004 developed Alfa Amore website is the online community of hungarian Alfa owners, where the mainstream is about motorism. It’s a worthy website for a legendary brand, where the owners and fanatics come to know each other – without frontiers. Our goal is to put all the Alfisti in the world in touch with everybody, so they can communicate, share experiences, or meet with each other. We patronize it with lots of web2 services.

About the starting

Alfa Amore was developed by the hungarian Alfa fanatics. Their job isn’t simple, but grateful. In Hungary people have mixed feelings about the Alfa Romeo brand. In general everybody likes its design, but few in number buy one. Mixed legends gird its name: beautiful cars with powerful engines, entrée only in an easygoing jacket – but it goes wrong in each corner, it’s an italian rust cemetery. Everybody wants to ride in an Alfa, but just as a passenger. That’s why the others reckon Alfa fans as nice fools.
Maybe this medium caused, that the togetherness of the fanatics is unprecedented. They greet each other in the roads, organizing lots of events, and try to help each other as they can. This medium was perfect for the developers to develop Alfa Amore and the subjunctive events.
AlfaCity is the biggest event held every year. We’re very proud to this event, because last year we organised the biggest hungarian motorist event in spite of Alfa isn’t a rare model in the roads. Last year more than 550 cars gathered in this all day event arm in arm with all of the hungarian Alfa Romeo dealers.
Our aim is to cherish the legendary name - worldwide.

Reveal yourself and your car!

With the help of your personal data page, you can introduce yourself, so you won’t make acquaintance with a faceless person. You can introduce your car likewise with photos, and articles.

Write blog!

An Alfa is mainly a part of the family. You have lots of mutual experience with it. Did you repair it? Or renovated? Write it down to your personal blog, to save all the memories. It will be useful information for the others. Moreover, you can calendar your expenses too.


What are the members without communication good for?! Use the forums for getting to know the others, for getting help, for giving advice or just for chatting.

Buy - Sell

You can find all the gadgets, spare parts, cars or whatever you want, or if you  have things to sell,  you can advertise it.


Alfa Amore isn’t simply just a communal website; it’s an information centre too. You can find here everything about the Alfa models, recent news, road tests, or reports. Moreover, you can write articles too! For this, contact us.

What are you waiting for?

If you’re an Alfa owner, don’t hesitate! Register and become men of merit of our community! And don’t forget to approach your friend on registration.

We hope, that we’ll have as many members from all over the world as from Hungary, and our website won’t be about just the hungarian events, but we would report events from other countries too, which would be the top story of Alfa Amore.


The Alfa Amore Team

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Alfa Amore
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