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08-05-2009  Teddy
Thousand kilometres, mountains, wonderful Alfa Romeos and a tiny pot – we’ve been to a Swiss Alfa meeting.
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Switzerland is well known for the passionate way the citizens treat their beautiful cars, and it’s precisely so with the Alfa Romeos. Since there’s not a meeting by the month in the tiny alpine country, we decided to visit Attikon – a small village near Zurich – to be part of one of the greatest Swiss meeting which is known via the website.

Funny enough the meeting wasn’t on Saturday, it was on Sunday instead. A possible cause is that most of the cars attended were „sonntagautos” which means they only use them on Sundays. Maybe if the meeting had been on Saturday they wouldn’t even been there. :)

The meeting took place on the territory of a lumber-processor works, which is definitely strange to say. As we arrived we were wondering, but after spending some time there it turned out to be a great – but not so authentic – spot for a 200cars gathering. The Alfas were separated by models and even by their age, and thanks to the works’ layout every model could have a detached section.

As we saw the old Giulias, 2000s, Giuliettas, RZs, Duettos and GTV6s there were things we’ve noticed that A, there were brand new tyres on every single car and B, there were no dust or rust anywhere on the cars. And why? They do not use most of these cars every day, they use OFF-vehicles like Golf R32 owned by the guy of a GTV with nitrous. Well, if this is the key for them to gladden the world with these Italian beauties, let is be, leit beeeeeeee - as the Beatles sang :)

For some reason there’s a chrome-wheel fad in Switzerland among the Alfa owners. At the meeting there were many cars equipped with this shiny exhibitionist stuff in 19 or ever 20” sizes. But the desire for tinkering and embellishing there Alfa just starts here- matt black Teflon-like paintjob, unique doorsills, bumpers, engine-tuning and so much more.

Here’s an extra paragraph dedicated to that gorgeous Spider we found in Attikon. We steadily voted it for the Most Beautiful Alfa Romeo. It has a 3 litres V6 Arese engine, 19” wheels and a breath taking cherry red paintwork which wasn’t rosso or rosso proteo but something between the two - awesome!

After all there was the announcement of results. But what results we did not know. We thought there’s a beauty contest but there weren’t stickers to put on the windsreens and nor a jury. Eventually it turned out to be a contest where the elder, the dirtiest Alfas, the best paintwork, the Beaste and the Beauty were prized and for our astonishment the team of the Alfa Amore got a pot as the six of us came from the farthest place.

Another surprice is that G-MANN was the only attending the meeting with a Brera. There was only a Brera Spider beyond this - bianco as well. So many people took a look on the Brera. BeeGee’s GT was unique also as it was the only Q2 there as we saw. There was 4 or 5 145 QVs in Attikon, but in the most original and fine fettle was Teddy’s one with the great 17” alloy wheels. There was no reason for us to feel ashamed.

Nevertheless there weren’t many programmes the day ended soon. We rioted among these beautiful and rare Alfas and the time just went by. And now I feel like the kid in the ad. Daddy, let’s go for another drive, pleaaase!

Hereby we’d like to thank Mario, the organiser for the help provided.

Photos by Teddy and Halesz

Translated by Seriff

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