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Earlier, but we held our last big gathering in Kaposújlak. It was bigger than last year, but it still remained shirttail.
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Early in the morning the airfield of Kaposújlak was smoothered in fog, with a little exxaggerate, it was hard to find even with GPS. One of the participants said, that he roam wandered 50 kms.

inspite of the early morning fog, some Alfisti started to drag racing in defiance of the fog. They don't care about the range of vision, and that the end of the runway wasn't visible. However it was a very good picturing theme.

At about midday, the fog cleared up, and most of the participant's show up and we started the most amateur drag race of the world :) Every race was a point of honour withot starting machines or timing. The only thing, what was missing for the one and only Kaposújlak felling is the smell of burned tyres, clutches, and the smell of open air foods. However, every year more and more people gather in Kaposújlak, this meeting still remains as shirttail as it can be.

With surprisingly little offset, the lottery was held too, whereon 3 of the members won a flying with a Cessna. As they told us after the flying, the 3G load and descending with 350 km/h wasn't a bug...it was a feature.

Inspite of the unregulated drag race all of the cars left unhurt. And a number at the end: 140 cars were shown up on that sunny, warm saturday in Kaposújlak.

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klaudio2012-02-21 19:27:19 // 13
Welcome, Alfisti !!!
Help us to set the Guinness record - we need at least 313 Alfa Romeo cars

Gorjansko (Slovenia), 27.o5.2012

Gorjansko (SLO) 2012
AleąGTV2011-04-15 09:21:36 // 12
The traditional Alfa Rally will take place this year in Slovenia on May 21. 2011. The Rally will begin in Ptuj at 9:00 a.m. and will take us through some of the most beautiful vine country in Slovenia called Jeruzalem Ormoľ, through Goričko and end in Prekmurje. Let the wonderful landscape, wavy roads and good foods tempt you into taking part in this year’s Alfa Rally Nr.8.

We will start at 9:00 a.m. at Ptuj’s Pomaranča bar (Address: Ormoąka cesta, Ptuj 2250)

Alfa Rally Nr.8 will have the following programme:
- Start at 9:00 a.m. in Ptuj
- Puch museum (Slovenian inventor, engineer, entrepreneur)
- Vine tasting at Zidanica Malek
- Lunch at Brenholc Jeruzalem (local traditional Slovene foods)
- Visit to the Church of Mary and visit to the local vineyards
- Rotunda in Selo (a unique romanic round church from the 13. Century)
- Closing event with food and wine in Nemčavci (©RC Nemčavci)

The Rally will follow this 106 km long route:

If anyone will want to stay overnight, arrangements will be made in a close by (500 meters) Motel Čarda (26€ per person with breakfast) or you can visit the spa Terme 3000 with its 5 star Hotel Livada Prestige or any other hotel in the complex.

The participation costs are 32€ per person or 27€ for our members (Alfa klub) and it includes all entrance fees, a road-book, lunch, wine tasting and the closing event expenses. The participation costs on the day of the event are 3€ higher. Alfa Rally Nr.8 will take place in any weather conditions since all arrangements have been made in case of rain.

All participants need to send a registration to info@alfa-klub.com till no later than May 16. 2011. In your registration form you will need to provide us with your full details, your car, phone number and number of participants. You can transfer the money to our bank account: SI56 0201 3025 4328 969 no later than May 16. 2011 (bring the bank transfer documentation with you) or you can pay on the spot. If you should need to cancel you can do so until May 19. 2011 and you will be fully compensated.

Landscape and sites to see:


Join us!
HátvédRomeo2009-01-31 23:13:33 // 11
Huuh, there are, the wonderfull images! :))
The place is really natural place. :))