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pawel15628-01-2009 22:08:53 // 6
Halo again :)
It's nice to see our Hungarian friends :)
Teddy I cen see that youv'e planed even better meeting than last year, congratulations :)
If everything works good on my side I will come with my wife Dorcia to see the biggest Alfa meeting :)
Tedi28-01-2009 21:54:52 // 5
Welcome for everyone :)
It's good to see so much polish alfisti here. Hopefully this is the beginning of a beuatifull friendship :))) (c) by Kusturica ;)
peteja_4328-01-2009 21:41:32 // 4
Witam I welcome everyone for seeing to the rally in April
hajper28-01-2009 20:56:52 // 3
It`s nice :)

True - there is many Polish ppl, hope, after Hungarians, Polish will be biggest group in Komarom :)
fred28-01-2009 20:56:39 // 2
No to robie inauguracje :D Welcome all polish alfas' owners in hungarian Alfa Amore forum. See U all in Komarom 2009

Magyar Lengyel ket jo barat !!

Alfa Amore28-01-2009 20:30:11 // 1
A warm welcome for every Polish Alfa Amore members!
We started this topic due to the high number of Polish members, but we'd like to ask you to discuss in English, due to lucidity. And who knows...hopefully other members will join to you.

Have a nice time here on Alfa Amore!
Alfa Amore doesn't take any responsibility for the posts.