Alfa Amore Meeting Kaposújlak

170 cars gathered on AlfaAmore’s latest event in Kaposújlak, Hungary at an old airport.
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The event’s forum on AlfaAmore.com was full of panicky posts just before the event due to the weather. „It will rain, we will be cold! Bring some mulled wine!” – these were the determining voices. Every day started with the newest weather forecast which said, it will be raining in Sunday. Than we arrived at Kaposújlak Sunday morning and the sun was shining, so we had an excellent event.

Fortunately most of our members, who signed up to the event in advance didn’t believed to the weatherman, so from the 197 member who signed up, 170 came and had a very nice day.
Despite of the relative big headcount, this event remained the same as it was 5 years ago. A shirt-sleeve, off-hand event with slalom contest, cook-out and free pursuit race without professional timing and measuring. That’s why it is so popular, we can say, this is the second most popular event in Hungary organized by the Alfa Amore.
Last year we set an “Alfa Amore” title from the cars, but unfortunately this year we had to go without it. As a compensation 3 paratroopers made a show for us.

Of course we made for our cars a beauty contest also, as in every year. In 2007 a brown, restorated Sud won this contest.
Just after the event most of the participants went to the closest city, Kaposvár for watching the Formula-1 Brazilian Grand Prix and celebrate Kimi Raikönnen’s podium finish and world championship title.

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