915 Alfa Romeos gathered in AlfaCity

In Alfa Amore’s history this year’s AlfaCity was the second biggest event in Balatonfüred.
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In Alfa Amore’s history this year’s AlfaCity in Balatonfüred was the second biggest event. Without a new model, waiting to the new Giulia to be inaugurated next year, 915 cars were gathered at SunCity, just a couple less than in 2010, when AlfaCity hosted the Hungarian debut of the Giulietta back in 2010.

The members of Alfa Amore are always enthusiastic about AlfaCity, they’re prepairing their cars and ther soul starting from spring. In this year it was a challenge for us to find out, how many members will participate, as on Alfa Amore 266 people said, they’ll come, in advance we sold 331 tickets, but on Facebook 1600 people said, they’ll attend on this event.


We expected to host around 800 cars, just like last year, but on Saturday in the afternoon, when we were about to pass 900, we knew, that it will be a huge success. This year we introduced a new method for counting the cars, every Alfa get a numbered sticker. We issued the last one at 5 p.m.


The programmes started at midday, when our speaker Peter Világi greeted the Alfisti, and recommeneded the sponsors exhibition area.


We had some new exhibitors, we thought, that the italian scooters will be recieved warmly, at the stand of Piaggio the participants were able to meet with the Vespa, Aprilia and Moto-Guzzi brands, but one of the official Ducati dealers was shown up as well.


However sadly Marco Fazio, responsible for the clubs at Alfa Romeo wasn’t able to took part on this year’s AlfaCity due to his other duties, we greeted two italian clubs: the members of Registro AlfaSud came with an AlfaSud Sprint, a 33 SportWagon and with the well known Polizia di Stato Alfa 156. The members of Stile Alfa Romeo were shown up as well from Treviso with two beautiful Alfa 75’s. Apart from this AlfaCity hosted enthusiasts from Bulgaria, Romania, Serbia, Croatia and Slovakia as well.


Besides the scooters, we tried to give space to all the italian brands: official Maserati dealer Wallis Motor brought a Ghibli and a GranTurismo, but many other Maserati fans took part on AlfaCity with older Quattroportes, Ghiblis, Biturbos. We hosted two Ferraris as well: a California T and a Mondial Cabriolet, but Lancisti’s were active, too: five Delta HF Integrale’s were shown up.


The most touching moment of AlfaCity15 was when one of our members, Andris Sóskuti proposed to his girlfriend in front of hunderds of Alfisti. Evelin of course said yes :)


And now a few words about the future: we know that we’re many, that the space is limited, and we had some troubles according to this issue. We tried to handle it with as much care as possible. But we know it, too, that we need to correct it, in order to celebrate worthily the brand new Giulia next year, as we’re expecting, that the Hungarian inauguration will be held on the next year’s edition of AlfaCity. We’re counting on you, Alfisti!

The event’s official photographer was Dekka, you can visit his gallery on this link.