AlfaCity: almost 1200 Alfa Romeos gathered at Lake Balaton

A new record has been reached on this year’s AlfaCity at Zánka, as almost 1200 Alfa Romeos gathered at the beach to celebrate the brand new Alfa Giulia.
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Officialy the last number was the 1124, but Alfas were coming afterwards too, so we can say, that nearly 1200 Alfas participated in Zánka, at Lake Balaton.


It seems, that it was a good idea to change the location from Balatonfüred. This, the sunshine, the friends, the family and the long awaited Giulia brought success, and we reached one of our dreams: to have more than 1000 Alfas at AlfaCity. It's a real Central European record!
The programmes started on Thursday with a night party at the beach, all the entrants could have had a look on our brand new, scudetto shaped gate.
But the main programmes were on Saturday when the new Giulia was inaugurated in Hungary for the first time in public. Thousands of Alfistis were taken part on the show, where an ice sculptor made a new Alfa Romeo logo from ice and after with confetti and smoke we presented the Giulia.
The day was closed with the concert of Irie Maffia, and with a night disco on the beach.
One of our most important guests was Alfa Romeo’s Marco Fazio, who made a short speach to the Alfistis. „It a great plaesure to be here again, it’s a pleasure to come home” – he said.
Fazio underlined that AlfaCity is very lucky, because FCA CEE is passionate about this event and about Alfa Romeo, and FCA is lucky too, to have great contact with the clubs. It’s rare even in Italy, so you need to maintain this connection – he added.
Ten years ago, when we inveted the brand AlfaCity, we’d never thought, that we could reach our goal. Now, whith all the passion of our members, we succeeded.
Thank you for all of you. 
See you next year, hopefuly with the new Stelvio.