Rainy AlfaCity

We expected sunshine and heat, ordered a cocktail bar, brought armchairs and organised programs fit for a fummer day. Instead, we got a whole day of rain.
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We were not lucky. Lots of programs had to be changed because of the rain. Though we ordered a climbing wall for children and water-football for the adults, we could use neither of them. The constant downpour of rain chased people inside the walls of the fort - the only positive side effect of this was that  even those could take a look at the magnicifent monument who would not have had the time otherwise.

After the centenary celebrations of AlfaCity 2010, we tried to take things lightly, organised less programs and hoped that you could just chill out in the sunshine. Mother nature thought otherwise.....But the alfisti won’t be scared by rain and storms, so we can proudly say that most of you enjoyed the day in spite of the weather.

Wolf Kati arrived with her ruby red Giulietta, which also starred in her video for “What about my dreams”. She was immediately surrounded by her fans, everybody wanted a photo with her and many asked for an autograph. Even the rain stopped for that half an hour while she performed on the stage.

Unfortunately, the storm continued afterwards, flooding even the stage, which meant that other performances had to be postponed. We needed time to cover the stage, otherwise the instruments would have been damaged. Because of the late start, Shut Up! could not perform, but the other two bands – Garázsmenet and Indeed – played all their songs, even though only a few people were listening. Sadly, most of you left the fort around 4 pm.

It was ironic that after 5 pm, when there were only a few people left, the rain stopped. Not to mention that on the day before and even on the day after, we enjoyed beautiful weather. Basically, the day was a reverse of last year’s AlfaCity, when temperatures soured above 30 degrees, but it was raining before and after the event. Well, this is life.

Many thanks to our sponsors and exhibitors who stayed with us throughout the day and – except for one or two of them – did not leave before the end of the event. They all deserve our respect. And yes, their tents provided a great shelter from the storm.

Our oldtimer-youngtimer exhibition was a great success, thanks to Alfarium who managed to bring quite a few rarities. The black Montreal was undoubtedly the star of the day, but the green Bertone GTV and the Maserati Indy were also very popular.

We were cold, we were wet, but we were together with the Alfas – wrote Ric$ in the forum, and he was so right. This event proved again what a great team the alfisti are! Naturally, good weather is always better at an event like this, but team spirit comes first! Many photos taken in AlfaCity proved that raindrops look great on any Alfa Romeo, and we are certain that the pictures will make us forget how unlucky we were.

We are already planning to rent a huge tent for next time, which may provide shelter for2-300 people. Of course we hope that it won’t be needed, only against the heat.