Selenia Rally

One of the gretaest navigational contests in Hungary, organized by the hungarian Alfa Romeo Club. And an article from a view of a newbie.
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Halesz asked me on a sleepy Friday night (just one day before the event), how about to navigate for him at the Selénia Rally, the greatest naviational contest in Hungary. I said, why not? I’ve never been to Selénia Rally. Thanks for this I get to this event.
But during the approach this ad-hoc feeling was the same. „Which way should we go? This way? Or this?” Ok, let’s go in this, there are cool hairpin curves. By the way after a little shuffling we arrived at Pécs. By that time the adrenaline was run out from our ears.

As a navigator I knew that I have quite big responsibility. If I pass by a corner the blame will fall on me. Even if most of our rivals counts us as the “Blonde cyclone”. So I get started with this ballast with Halesz and his black GT, which get a starting number 76 on request.

GPS is our friend, I thought...but after two seconds I reconsidered this opinion. We weren’t able to find the start place with the help of the GPS, so we didn’t used it during the contest.

5, 4, 3, 2, 1...go! Right3 narrows, long left 3, 300, long easy right, 400, keep pushing, brake, left3 and left3. That was the way to the first task. At the Selénia “stand” we started to fill out the sheet, and the engineers controlled the brake and engine oil level. Until I was thinking about how to write the name of Selénia Star correctly, Halesz was taking some shots. Sure, why not?! I have to suffer with the sheet alone. What’s that? Deep end? It was that. My telephone help doesn’t worked, the audience didn’t took care about me, I had no bisector, so I had to recline upon my own brain. We sucked in, our sheet was horrible. The Highway Code sheet was a bit better; we failed at two questions of ten.

At the second task I was felt, that the organizers definitely want to shit on us. There’s a lake with a small road beside it, and the question: how many benches are beside the lake and the road? Naively, first we write to the sheet, that there are two. After this we espied that there are five more, but those weren’t – in our opinion – beside the road and the lake. Unfortunately the organizers thought just the opposite. We failed the two points.

The feeling, that the organizers buggered us around, was strengthened in me at the third task. How many holes are in the barrel? What a stupid question, I thought. One of the participants drew my attention to that; he think, the top of the barrel is a hole too. I didn’t care about it. But he had the correct answer.

On the way to the fourth task a crowd of sheep’s occupied the road. What a fantastic shot theme! The task was one of the few tasks which were very simple. But just for me, because Halesz was taken some shots again.
The fifth task was an easier one again, so we completed it with full success.

We found the way to the sixth task at the expense of a little arguing. BeeGee and Tommi didn’t know the correct way, and started to argue. “Turn left!” “No, it’s in the right!” Then I shout to the walkie-talkie, “It’s in the fucking left!”

Thanks to my strong-minded countenance we found the correct way to the châteaux. We get the sheets and started to sup some cabernet sauvignon. Until this I was thinking. Are we fast, or slow? How fast should we go to produce a good time? We decided that we will go in our normal tempo, and Halesz will believe to me, that which the right way is.

We arrived to the seventh task without any problems. The rest of the job remained to me again. Halesz wasn’t able to take control on his childishness and started to play on the playground. Hurray...

But I did the eight task on He. I saw on him, that he definitely want to work a bit and I spent my just reward smoking-pause. Then we started to push a bit harder, because we spent a bit more time as we thought. So we need to make up the lost time.
And then...the biggest disaster smote us. We get lost. We missed the ninth task, we need to get back and carried out it. After it we still didn’t know which way to go. Then we find it and started to bowl on the road.

The tenth task was an easy one...count the stairs, cutted trees, etc...

At the eleventh task Halesz stroke out himself and started to...yes. Taking pictures. But what the hell does he shot? Doesn’t matter. I get used to it. Let’s go, only one task remained.

I was very happy, because I thought that we made up the lost time, we gained upon BeeGee who started two cars before us. I didn’t really think about, that he is in a late too. Never mind. Let’s count the legs on the bridge and find out, the numbers, which were cut to a wooden door of a church. Ehh, those are prints, not numbers.

After this we set off, and went to the finish line. But during the way home, I thought, that we were too fast. “Slow down Halesz, just for two minutes, we were too fast!” – I said. He didn’t want to stop, but finally we slowed down. It wasn’t a bad decision at all, it didn’t do neither good nor harm.

When I started the contest, I decided to win. Halesz either. Than CGO, the absolute star of the bearing contests scrounged the first place. We delayed 23 minutes. So we passed it by. Although the fact, that one of the participant delayed more that 1 hour was a bit consolatory for us.
Thanks for all the organizers and for Halesz.

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