Alfa-Honda meeting

Alfa and Honda owners gathered second time at an airport for a drag racing.
Events >> 2007  
Friends but opponents. :) The Alfa and Honda owners gathered at Kiskunlacháza airport for burning some petrol and tyres.

At the airport Alfa Amore and Honda Club organized a ¼ mile drag racing, in which more Alfisti made a podium finish!

1st cat.:
Alfa: -1600 cm3
Honda: -1500 cm3
2nd cat.:
Alfa: 1601-2000 cm3
Honda: 1501-1800 cm3
3rd cat.:
Alfa: 2001-2500 cm3
Honda: 1801-2400 cm3
4th cat:
Alfa: 2501 cm3 –
Honda: 2401 cm3 –

Using a turbo (just at the petrol engines) and/or Nitro is available, but the cars will be ranked one category higher. Weight reduction: the front seats are compulsory, from the back everything can be heist. Cars with cutted, flexed, or extremely weight reduction will be ranked one category higher.
Our members results:

Cacho: 3rd category, 2nd place
Korry: 4th category, 3rd place
Hadada: 4th category: 2nd place