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bobryt21-04-2009 16:41:41 // 56
Great event! Alfa paradise. But we were standing 1,5h to get to the Fort, it could be faster. Also standing for food or toilet was'nt pleasure for me too. And Prolonging of rope (i dont know is that right word ;) ) was sick and dangerous!
But i was happy to be there, so big thanks for you for that event!

p.s Turórudi taste greeeeeat! :)
BeeGee20-04-2009 17:46:23 // 55
Hi Guys!

Thank to visit us and were part of the Guiness Record :)
(set up 764 cars offically, but totally we were around 900)

I hope You were enjoyed the party and next time come with more friend :)

When we meet few of You at friday and go together to Komarom, I really got touched.
I'm happy to got know You! :)
HátvédRomeo19-04-2009 23:00:16 // 54
Hi Polish Alfistis! :)
It was GOOD to lokked You All yestarday in Alfa City Komarom Meeting. I haven't possibility to talk with you, but I happied, that you came many nice AlfaRomeos. :)
I hope, we will meet in the next year here. :))
Csao HátvédRomeo :)
Kubanczyk16-04-2009 16:34:04 // 53
ofc We have sunmilk :)

let's drive! 800 km to Komarom :)

See You in AC :)
BeeGee16-04-2009 14:26:18 // 52
Dont forget the sunmilk :)
Stabil 24Cˇ and sunshine :)
Kubanczyk15-04-2009 22:59:16 // 51
2 :) BeGee You must write "1" tomorrow, I started on 7 p.m. to Hungary :D friday - party, saturday - Alfa City :D
bobryt15-04-2009 11:56:29 // 50
car is shining, tank is full, ready to go!
Kubanczyk08-04-2009 14:06:05 // 48
Kubanczyk19-02-2009 22:14:46 // 47
of course she is maniac, like me :D

see you in alfacity:)
BeeGee19-02-2009 16:41:21 // 46
Your Welcome!

Thanks, i must agree with your girfriend :)
Is she manaic, as well? :)
Kubanczyk19-02-2009 16:04:24 // 45
Thank You BeeGee for more information :D

ofc I must bought that.

ps. Beaty GT, in my girl opinion best car ever.
BeeGee19-02-2009 12:01:20 // 44
to taste Dreher

or Soproni Ászok

If You may drink wine, taste it: Nyakas white wines

or red wines from Villány

Deserving to taste other foods, like gooseliver paste

Turórudi (sweet cottage-cheese snack)

for meatlovers Gyulai kolbász (sausage)

and Téli Szalámi
Kubanczyk18-02-2009 23:56:01 // 43
Guys what is the best beer in Hungary, because I dont know what to buy at shop for a souvenir :) and ofc I am ready for such Hungarian delicacies
Tedi17-02-2009 22:37:10 // 42
Sorry, one more thing. We'd like to ask you to pay for the ticket punctually 6 Euros, I mean we won't have much divisonal coins...
Tedi17-02-2009 22:34:53 // 41
For the ticket and at the Alfa Amore Shop you can pay with Euro, we will inform you about the actual course of exchange.
However I don't know weither you can pay with Euro at the buffets or not. It's the sound of the future.
Tedi17-02-2009 22:12:22 // 40
Vovovo :) Beer is more than welcome :))
peteja_4317-02-2009 19:13:34 // 39
We thank BeeGee for the information
Kubanczyk17-02-2009 19:11:05 // 38
Hello, anyone knows in what currency we can pay on Alfa City ??

BeeGee17-02-2009 11:59:10 // 37
Speed limits? ..we dont like it :)

Inner city: 50 Km/h
Mainroad: 70 - 90 - 100 km/h
Highway: 130 Km/h

and +10% tolerance.

Two highway that You may use:
M1 - lot of fix trafipax radars, but at least they are signed.
M7 - no fix radars, but mobile cops hunting for speedsters.
bobryt16-02-2009 23:59:28 // 36
Teddy - best polish beer ;) BeeGee - don't worry, we never drive after drink, but we will have 2 nights there... :D
Tedi15-02-2009 19:09:21 // 35
If you tell me what kinda drinks are these...:)
Maciej3313-02-2009 18:02:59 // 34
good to kown and what about the speed limits ?? :) :P
BeeGee13-02-2009 13:35:51 // 33
And good to know:
unfortunatly at hungary has "zero tolerance" for alcohol at the roads.
Seriously dont drive when drink, or you will pay for cops :(
BeeGee13-02-2009 13:32:40 // 32
Becouse it is an automibile event, we dont like to drink alcohol and drive.

Before and after we like the beer ;)
bobryt12-02-2009 23:17:24 // 31
good to know. do u want some Tyskie or Żywiec Teddy? :)
Tedi12-02-2009 17:41:02 // 30
Only if you bring some :)) But at the Fort only non-alcoholic drinks will be offered.
bobryt11-02-2009 22:47:59 // 29
there will be beer? :D
BeeGee11-02-2009 13:28:07 // 28
Yepp :)

All of reserved ticket has been sent :)
Alfamaniak15611-02-2009 12:51:19 // 27
So BeeGee see You soon:) Ticket is reserved, so It's just formality to come:)
Best regards Alfisti
Alfa Amore10-02-2009 20:57:40 // 26 has been launched!
BeeGee10-02-2009 17:20:40 // 25
We will be there from friday morning.
Usually in the Fort :)

Preparing the scene :)
Alfamaniak15610-02-2009 09:07:58 // 24
Hi guys!
Polish Alfisti comes on friday to Komarom. Our friend M@T books for Us hotel near Fort Monostor so I hope that we can meet before the event and talk about Our beautyfull Cars:)
Maciej3309-02-2009 23:54:56 // 23
HI Hello everybody ! :)

about 22 cars (45 people) have already accomodation in some hotel nearby but i hope the weather will be fine to sleep in a tent :P
and most of us ( Polish staff ) will stay friday to sunday

God bless all Alfisti ! ;)
hajper06-02-2009 01:06:22 // 22
Budapest is beatiful :) I`ve been last year there :)

Thx for any clues - becouse some Polish ppl don`t have reservation yet.
BeeGee03-02-2009 15:01:58 // 21
I have a clue.
Im affraid, Komarom will not able to host enough booking.
Therefore I advise You to looking for houses countryside as well, like city Tata, Győr, etc. Maybe Budapest :) Each are nice place :)
More selection here

Will You come day before?
156 áfa romeo02-02-2009 17:58:05 // 20
Witamy panstwo....:)If somebady want to go Holiday to Hajduszoboszlo,write a e-mail,i have 3 (volne pokoje) nice apartment..Ciao
Alfamaniak15602-02-2009 09:43:11 // 19
Hi Everyone:) I'm from Polish Alfa Team (, I'm so glad that I can be on Your page. I can wait for meeting You guys on AlfaCity:)))
HátvédRomeo31-01-2009 23:00:53 // 18
Ohh, Tank You very much! :)))
It's come From hard, Nice think! :))

Have a good times, for You, My PL Friends!:))
fred30-01-2009 22:42:41 // 17
We are honoured that U gave us some place on your forum. We will be pleased with your attendance on our forum. Here is link to section where you can write in english ->

ystuc30-01-2009 17:15:51 // 16
Hi and welcome for all Polish Alfisti! Have a nice time on Alfa Amore! :-)
peteja_4330-01-2009 00:09:45 // 15
Teddy congratulations
BeeGee29-01-2009 16:37:46 // 14
Actuallyi those are Teddy's photos :)
Tedi29-01-2009 15:57:55 // 13
Thanks :) All of them were shot by me :DD Realy. BeeGee is one of the guys on the first picture to the right :)
peteja_4329-01-2009 15:26:59 // 12
Very nice photographs BeeGee
Tedi29-01-2009 15:04:40 // 11
Here you can find all the accomodations in Komárom, but it's worth to look around in Komarno (SK) too.
Seriff29-01-2009 14:52:36 // 10
Czesc! :)

Pozdrawiam wszystkich milosników Alfa Romeo! :D

Let's swap to English ;))

I hope many of you guys will attend to Alfa City and we can have a beer or two ;))
BeeGee29-01-2009 12:52:49 // 9
Of course :)
Its still a litle brown, but it soon be green! Jus like Goodwood fest :)
Weekend photos from the inside:

You will entrance here:

Lot of place to park and picnic:

Security guaranteed :)

bobryt29-01-2009 00:28:06 // 8
hello my hungarian frends. hope that you will prepare places for our beautiful Alfas and even more beautiful girls ;)))))
Seriously I (we) will thanful if you look for some cheap accomodation for us

Tedi28-01-2009 22:24:02 // 7
Hey, Pawel, nice to "see" you again :)
Thank you for everything. We'd be happy if you could come again and set the Guiness world record together! :)
You know, I felt/feel unpleasantly about our last year's argument, and I'm sorry for that.
But now we have as much place as we want. :) Naturally we'll have a parking rule, but I think it will be much easier than in the last year.
We'll start our microsite in days, in english too, so check it frequently for the most updated info. And of course if all of you have any question, contact us! :)
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